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Wherever I looked, I always stumbled on this walk along the coast of Yesnaby – everyone seemed to say that one shouldn´t miss this one – of course, I had to go there!

Yesnaby is located 6 miles from Stromness and it is a stretch of amazing cliffs, seastacks, rocky beaches and promontories carved out of Old Red Sandstone rocks which were part of the seabed 400 million years ago. (

Yesnaby 31

The coastal walk from Yesnaby (or Skaill) starts at some wartime buildings and one already gets a nice view of this rugged coastline, formed by the sea millions of years ago.

The result is a spectacular array of cliff scenery where you’ll find towering sea stacks and blow holes created by the force of the mighty ocean. (The Scotsman)

Yesnaby 32

Yesnaby 33

First view of Yesnaby Castle, a 35m high sea stack with two legs. And the first of a few stacks I saw this day, even without going the whole length to Stromness.

Yesnaby 34Yesnaby 35

Yesnaby 36Yesnaby 37

Nesting birds everywhere.

Yesnaby 38Yesnaby 39

The island of Hoy under a cloud, I´ve never seen it without one, except on the day I left Orkney and the ferry was passing by Hoy.

Yesnaby 40Yesnaby 41

North Gaulton Castle, is another impressive stack about 70 m high.

Yesnaby 42

Yesnaby 43

I turned back after around 1,5 – 2 hours and walked back to Yesnaby.

Yesnaby 44Yesnaby 45

One can also continue the walk on the other side of Yesnaby towards Skaill, I went for a bit but didn´t even make it to the Broch of Borwick – another time.




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