Photos and the City

Slow travel & photography

Berlin, the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine.  David Bowie   It was about time to visit Berlin again – it´s been way to long! Two photoshoots brought me to the city, but there was enough time left to explore, visit old favourites and getting wet! I stayed in the district of Neukölln and just […]

If you´re in the mood for some “Berliner Luft”, you should visit the Pop Up Store curated by the City of Berlin in Vienna – it´s open until Nov 7th and there are some lovely Berlin based brands like Tonis Parfum, Und Gretel, Berliner Winter and more on visit in Vienna. Pop into Berlin @ […]



Whenever I´m arriving in Berlin or missing Berlin I have to listen to this song: “Berlino” – in the last four, five years it kind of became my personal soundtrack of the city. And finally there is a video, 24 hours of life in Berlin in 5 minutes.