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Slow travel & photography

While I´m already busy and excited planning this years trip to Southerin Italy I realised there are still a lot of pictures from last year. To ease back into posting let´s start with something sweet. You can´t visit Naples and not try the huge variety of dolci: fruit tarts, sfogliatella, babà (for which I didn´t […]

One of the best things about winter? Sweet chestnuts! After I had discovered this delicious little sin called Mont Blanc in Paris last year I probably told all my friends about it and made them dream about it. Little did I know that Viennas K. & K. Hofzuckerbäcker Demel offers something similar, a friend of […]

This cruelsome heatwave has finally ended yesterday – one can breathe again – and start cooking again! Some days ago the postman rang twice and brought me this lovely and delicious suprise all the way from Salzburg: homemade apricot marmelade by Nonna Rosa. And in my books – apricot marmelade only meens one thing: Palatschinken! […]