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View of Luskentire beach

Goodbye Lewis, it was time for my last few days in Harris and as always I had to stop as soon as this view of Luskentyre comes up – lucky me there is a bit of parking space at the perfect stop.

View of Luskentire beach

And another stop to admire Seilebost and Luskentyre.

View of Luskentire beach

After a coffee stop at Talla Na Mara I was ready to drive to the other end of Harris – the village of Rodel.


St Clement´s Church 1

Rodel used to be the capital of Harris and the main port before Tarbert took over. There is a lovely walk along a loch up to the St Clements Church in Rodel. I didn´t do this walk back then, but last November when I was back in Harris for a workshop.

St Clement´s Church 2

St Clement´s Church

The Church of Rodel, St Clement’s Church (Tur Chliamainn), was built in about 1520 by Alexander MacLeod of Dunvegan and Harris. It is the grandest medieval building in the Western Isles.

St Clement´s Church 3

St Clements was probably built on the site of an even older church and fell into disuse after the Reformation in 1560. But the graveyard remained the preferred site for MacLeod’s burials.

St Clement´s Church 4

After a few restorations and renovations over the centuries, the church had fallen into despair again and the Countess of Dunmore arranged for it to be repaired in 1873.

Today the Historic Environment of Scotland cares for the church.

St Clement´s Church 5

Entry is via a door in the north side of the nave. The interior of the church is a plain cruciform in shape, with north and south transepts not quite mirroring one another on either side of the nave. The nave and the choir would originally have been separated by a wooden screen. Almost opposite the door, in a window opening on the south side of the nave, is the head of a late medieval disc-headed cross, showing the crucifixion on the front. (Undiscovered Scotland)

St Clement´s Church 6

St Clement´s Church 7

St Clement´s Church 8

St Clement´s Church 9

St Clement´s Church 10

St Clement´s Church 11

Amazing views from behind the church.

St Clement´s Church 12


Walking down to Giordail Beach in tolsta.

My last beach for the day was a bit hidden one – Giotdail Beach in Tolsta. It is quite a deep descent down from to village – don´t forget anything, you might not want to go up again.

Walking down to Giordail Beach in tolsta.

Walking down to Giordail Beach in tolsta.

Walking down to Giordail Beach in tolsta.

Walking down to Giordail Beach in tolsta.

This was somewhere on the way back, again I was just fascinated by the big churches sitting over a village, exactly like Peter May describes them in the Lewis Trilogy.