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This summer I will be travelling around Northern England and Scotland and would love to photograph you!

Together we will design your own bespoke photo shoot in your desired style or styles if you want more. If you´ve always dreamed of being glamorous like a movie star we will make it happen. Or if you feel more like the girl next door and prefer a more natural look or want to be inspired by your favourite fairytale, movie or tv show. You can be as casual as you want or as glamorous or can be both and more – we will design the perfect photo shoot for you!

Find all the information on my portraiture website or shoot me a message!

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On my two evenings, I loved to just walk through “my area” – Bolognina. The air was thick and smelled like summer, roses, jasmine and many more. No wonder – there were blooms everywhere, beautiful gardens and public places.

bologna, bolognina, italy, travel, phone, iphone

Developed in the late 19th century as a working-class neighbourhood Bolognina  – “little Bologna” – today is a vibrant, lively, cosy and multiethnic area.

Up until 20 years ago, it was the place where you could find all the repairman workshops and where the average age of the population was older. Now, it is the place with the highest concentration of young people. (cafebabel)

bologna, bolognina, italy, travel, phone, iphone

I didn´t realise until the second that that isn´t a real kid standing there…..

My apartment was as cosy and colourful as Bolognina – filled with vintage pictures and knick-knack.

bologna, bolognina, italy, travel, phone, iphone

Pictures takes with my phone.