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edinburgh, victoria street, scotland, uk

If you´ve seen one picture from Edinburgh it might have been a similar one to this one – Victoria Street seems to be one of the most photographed areas of Edinburgh. It´s curve and colourful shops are just so pittoresque and pictureperfect!

Victoria Street was built between 1829-34 as part of a series of improvements to the Old Town, with the aim of improving access around the city. Previously, access from the Grassmarket to the Lawnmarket was via the West Bow, a very steeply sloped and narrow lane. The new street was planned to demolish much of the old West Bow, and provide a broad sweeping link to the newly built George IV Bridge. (Victoria Street)

edinburgh, victoria street, scotland, uk

edinburgh, victoria street, scotland, uk

View up Victoria Street, and yes there is another street on top of the colourful houses.

edinburgh, victoria street, scotland, uk, grassmarket, pub

Around the corner on Grassmarket.


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  1. c dill says:

    These type of buildings and curved street reminds me Antwerp, Belgium.

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