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Now that all about summer 2021 is published, before I start with all the posts about My Hebridean Summer 2022 this Thursday, so let´s talk about this upcoming summer!

2023 will be a mixture of 2021 and 2022 – I am going back to Shetland, but this time for a whole month! I am already looking forward to seeing the difference to 2021 when I was probably one of the very very few “foreign” tourists on the islands and it was so calm and quiet. This year there will be even a boat race while I a there.

In August I will be going back to the Inner Hebrides, to Tiree and Coll. Coll will be the only new island this year and I am looking forward to exploring the island next to Tiree. And yeah, Tiree – one-week last year just wasn´t enough for that little paradise!

exploring Yell, an island north of Shetland mainland.

Yell, Shetland

View over some rocks in Tiree, right next to the Tiree Gin distillery.


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