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Refreshed and awakened by my tea time at Glenarm Castle I decided to make my B&B in Bushmills the next stop and explore the rest of the coast from there – it was only about an hour away. Approaching it I was greeted by the stunning White Park Bay beach and by some cattle having a nice walk on the beach.

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I found my B&B via the Northern Ireland tourism site and was super happy with staying there. It was right in the middle of everything, Bushmills or the Giant´s Causeway were just a short ten minutes drive away. The view was lovely and on the second night there was a meteor shower and I´ve never seen so many shooting stars in my life! The sky was clear, there was no light pollution at all and I almost run out of wishes!

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Just some minutes from the B&B is (was) Dunseverick Castle  – or at least the remains of this castle built somewhen before the 5th century AD and was visited by Saint Patrick in the 5th century where he baptised Olcán, who later became a Bishop of Ireland. The castle was destroyed in the 1650s – today only the remains of a gate lodge still stand.

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A little further up the coast is Dunluce Castle located on the edge of the cliffs (and when a part of the kitchen went down into the sea the lady of the house decided it was time to move.)

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Built in the 13th century it got into the hands of the McQuillans family in 1513 who were the Lords of Route until they were displaced by the MacDonnell in the late 16th century. Dunluce Castle became the home of the Chief of the Mac Donnell clan until 1690 when the MacDonnells were diminished.
Adjacent to the castle the town of Dunluce was built around 1608 by Randall MacDonnell but razed to the ground in the Irish uprising of 1641.

It may have contained the most revolutionary housing in Europe when it was built in the early 17th century, including indoor toilets which had only started to be introduced around Europe at the time, and a complex street network based on a grid system. 95% of the town is still to be discovered. (Dunluce Castle)

Seaview B&B 35

25 metres under the castle is a huge cave in the cliffs, the Mermaid Cave.

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My trusty companion for these few days on the Causeway Coast.

Seaview B&B 39

And the view from my room at the B&B.

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