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After a breakfast with a view, it was time to get back into my fancy drive and explore the north of Skye under a blue sky. It was a perfect summer day, almost too perfect – some clouds would have looked nice on the photographs.Isle of Skye 1 Isle of Skye 2Isle of Skye 3Isle of Skye 4Isle of Skye 5

Phone booth (and post boxes) in the middle of nowhere, or almost nowhere.

Isle of Skye 6
Isle of Skye 7

First view of: Old Man Of Storr – that´s where reality hit me – a perfect summer day and high season – after seeing the more than filled parking space for the walk up to the Old Man of Storr, I decided to ignore all the known sights and just drive around, stopping whenever I want to. I can always come back and enjoy the Fairy Pools and everything else on a more quiet day.

Isle of Skye 8Isle of Skye 9Isle of Skye 10Isle of Skye 11

And the backside of the Old Man. From here on I just drove around the coast and tried not to stop every second…

Isle of Skye 12Isle of Skye 13Isle of Skye 14Isle of Skye 15

to be continued…

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