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When I browsed my favourite blogs about Berlin I stumbled on this post about cheesecake at Five Elephant in Kreuzberg and yesterday morning I just had to go there and try it.

berlin, kreuzberg, görlitzer bahnhof, u bahn

Coming from the U-Bahn station Görlitzer Bahnhof I enjoyed the walk trough an area I didn´t know so far and instantly felt in love with this “cinema freak” shop. I mean you have to love a shop with a white pony in a stroller!

berlin, kreuzberg, cinema, shop

Arrived at Five Elephant, ordered some coffee and the famous cheesecake and I soon had some lovely company: only two of them, the others were a little bit shy.

berlin, kreuzberg, five elephant, cheesecake

I don´t know if it´s the best cheesecake in town but it is definately very, very delicious! Or as the other girl said: “Sooooooo lecker!” Check them out if you´re in Berlin!

berlin, kreuzberg, five elephant, cheesecake



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