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Whenever I´m going to travel somewhere I like to browse blogs and magazines to get up to date with what´s happening. I do have some blogs about Berlin I read all the time, but in the last days I discovered some new ones.

STIL IN BERLIN is probably my favourite blog about Berlin. Gorgeous photographs and lots of great places to eat, shop or enjoy art. If I would go to all the cafés I saved from there I would need about a month, at least!

CHRIS JOHN DEWITT – an english photographer who documented his travels to the former East- and West-Berlin in the 1970s and 1980s and todays everchanging Berlin.

BERLIN IN DEN 90ern – my first time in Berlin was in 1992, a time with huge open spaces in the middle of the city and huge possiblities. It was before areas like Prenzlauer Berg or Friedrichshain got trendy and hip. Everything looked so different from today.

OLD BERLIN – I´d love to timetravel and visit places in other times. This tumblr shows the pre-war Berlin between 1870 to 1920, looking at old pictures is almost as good as traveling there.

SLOW TRAVEL BERLIN – slow travel encourages you to enjoy the city with a different speed. Take your time to get to know it. (Berlin is worth it!)

KREUZBERG´D – I discovered this blog today and haven´t stopped reading it. It promises to tell you everything you never knew you wanted  to know about Berlin and Kreuzberg!


Do you have any other blogs or magazines I just have to read about Berlin or any other city? Just let me know in the comments, I´m looking forward to it!


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