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grieving and remembering in vienna

One week ago 9 minutes changed a lot – 9 minutes that felt way longer – 9 minutes that we only knew 24 hours later that it have been 9 minutes.

grieving and remembering in vienna

Whenever I step out of my house I see the growing fields of flowers, candles and notes – one of the busiest places in Vienna has become quiet and still. There are many people around coming to say goodbye and to remember. Honouring people they probably didn´t know but whom we will remember for a long time.

grieving and remembering in vienna

“The quiet sense of something lost” – Tennyson

grieving and remembering in viennaThe Viennese is often called a bit rude and unfriendly, a true testament of the cliché of the “Wiener Grant” (the grumpy Viennese) but in times like these, we move closer together (while staying socially distanced of course). Sharing smiles, helping out relighting candles and just try to be a bit nicer overall.

grieving and remembering in vienna

Its been a quiet week here around the Schwedenplatz and will probably stay still for a while.

But there also have been reasons to celebrate, not only the countless heroes of Monday night but also a new president and fabulous vice-president of the USA. And today we learned that one of the Covid19 vaccines is in the very last stages of being approved. On a more personal note, I booked a rental car for my next Scottish adventure in the upcoming summer.

Life goes on, it´s on us to stand against any kind of racism and fascism and reach out a hand to people in need.

grieving and remembering in viennagrieving and remembering in viennagrieving and remembering in viennagrieving and remembering in viennagrieving and remembering in vienna

2 thoughts on “Still

  1. Mariana says:

    thanks for sharing this touching images from Vienna

  2. Georg Krasser says:

    Liebe Ursula, danke für die Bilder!
    Berührend, packend, stimmungsvoll! Kunstwerke! Gemälde, die weit mehr vermitteln, als das unmittelbar optisch Wahrnehmbare.
    Unser Georg war damals eine halbe Stunde vor dem Ereignis zufällig an diesem Ort.
    Und wir haben auch an Deine lokale Nähe gedacht.
    Inmitten belanglosen Alltäglichkeiten tönte plötzlich der dumpfe Gongschlag der Geschichte.

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