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I stayed in a lovely and super cosy little cottage near the Guinness Brewery, a very central location and a great starting point for just walking around the city. For the last years, there is a huge housing crisis going on in Dublin with ongoing protests and many projects trying to solve this or at least help people who either have lost their homes or aren´t able to get on. As a tourist one doesn´t notice that much but besides the Brexit, this was the one big topic people talked about with me.

Walking around Dublin 23Walking around Dublin 24Walking around Dublin 25

Walking along River Liffey…

Walking around Dublin 26Walking around Dublin 27Walking around Dublin 28Walking around Dublin 29Walking around Dublin 30

Ha´Penny Bridge – or as it is named officially the Liffey Bridge – a pedestrian bridge built in 1816.

Before the Ha’penny Bridge was built there were seven ferries, operated by a William Walsh, across the Liffey. The ferries were in a bad condition and Walsh was informed that he had to either fix them or build a bridge. Walsh chose the latter option and was granted the right to extract a ha’penny toll from anyone crossing it for 100 years. (Ha´Penny Bridge)

The toll was dropped in 1919.

Walking around Dublin 31Walking around Dublin 32Walking around Dublin 33

Molly Malone – the fictional fishmonger from the song “Molly Malone” by The Dubliners.

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