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It´s been three weeks now that I have arrived on Scottish soil, but I consider the day after my mandatory 10 days of self-isolation the actual start of “My Scottish Summer”! Even though the 10 days went by pretty quickly, thanks to all my lovely retouching clients keeping me busy with work, I was so happy to wake up on day 11 and just be able to go for a nice long walk.

After my celebratory walk through the still sleeping Edinburgh, I went to pick up my car and drove straight to Aberdeen to catch my ferry to Shetland. Going to bed, or better said to my sleeping pod somewhere in the middle of the sea and waking up at Shetland, the perfect way to travel.

For the last one and a half weeks (or so) I´ve been exploring mainland Shetland, Yell & Unst and am now in the North of mainland Shetland, the Northmavine. Tomorrow I will board the next ferry going to Orkney. The self-isolation cut my time in Shetland a bit shorter than originally planned but I can always come back.

When I rolled over last years plan to this summer I didn´t expect things to be still so uncertain thanks to these virus mutations, but I am happy to be here and just try to take everything as it comes. It doesn´t matter that many sites and museums are still closed, these are just all the more reasons to visit the islands again another time.

Shetland greeted me with sunshine, salty air and it doesn´t get dark here in the summer, something I didn´t expect.

It was an instant relaxation!

On the ferry from mainland Scotland to Shetland

Many more pictures and adventures will follow over the next weeks…

Friendly sheep greeting me in Shetland


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