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kurrentgasse vienna

Kurrentgasse, 1701 named after the “Kurrent”, who collected the taxes at the times of Leopold I and had their “offices” there. Some of the older names were “Judengasse” or “Gäßlein bei den weißen Brüdern”. It leads from Judenplatz to Sterndlgasse, parallel to Tuchlauben.

The artisan bakery seen above (Bäckerei Arthur Grimm) is known for their huge selection of gluten-free-breads and baked goods for other dietary needs. It was founded in 1536 by Leonard Lambacher, then named “Zum großen Ofenloch”. Honored with the title of K. & K. Hofbäckerei in 1840. 1922 Arthur Grimm took over the bakery.

kurrentgasse, vienna, dekorateur, vintage, signs

Passageway next to Bäcerei Grimm to  Tuchlauben.

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