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waiting in line – a rising phoenix – a dancing host – dancing Australians – just a huge party at Stadthalle Wien

Today was my big Eurovision day – it wasn´t that easy but we scored tickets for the Jury Final of the grand ESC-Final. And it was just awesome – I´ve loved the Songcontest since I´ve been a little child, back then my dream was to participate and win (despite the fact I absolutely can´t sing one straight tone) and later on to welcome the Eurovision Party to my hometown. I traveled to Düsseldorf in 2011 thinking it would never happen for Austria. But then there was Conchita – still the reigning “Queen of Europe”. Dreams do come true…

Some impressions from the party at Stadthalle, taken with my phone – don´t mind the quality, it´s just a little memento. We stood in front of the “green room” and it was also fun to watch Arabella Kiesbauer (one of the hosts) dancing to Guy Sebastian (Australia) between takes, Monika Linkytė (singer from Lithiania) enjoying the song from cyprus from John Karayiannis, partying Australiand and Austrians.
Datei 23.05.15 00 57 26

Datei 23.05.15 00 59 31

Datei 23.05.15 01 00 03

Datei 23.05.15 01 01 01

Datei 23.05.15 01 02 09

Datei 23.05.15 01 12 59

Datei 23.05.15 01 14 03

Datei 23.05.15 01 14 44

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