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Hello Stornoway, hello Lewis! I had some time to explore this lovely town before driving to my first accommodation right on the border between Lewis and Harris.

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I parked near the ferry and walked along the harbour towards Lews Castle.

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Stornoway is filled with a variety of independent shops, cafés and restaurants and is very lively. It also is the main town and capital in Lewis & Harris with some huge supermarkets.

Founded by the Vikings in the early 9th century around a natural harbour, the city soon became a hub for people travelling and trading with the rest of Scotland.

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James IV transferred Lewis to the MacKenzies of Seaforth in 1610 to further support the trading.

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In 1844, the MacKenzies sold Stornoway, and the Isle of Lewis as a whole, to Sir James Matheson (and his descendants) who built the present Lews Castle on a hill overlooking the bay of Stornoway. (Wikipedia)

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Today Stornoway belongs to the people.

In 1918, Matheson sold the island to William Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme. Lord Leverhulme held the island for a short time. His economic plans for the island (together with various business setbacks) overstretched his finances. Faced with failure in Lewis, he gave Stornoway parish to the people of the town. The Stornoway Trust was formed and continues to administer the parish for the people. (Wikipedia)

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Lews Castle today houses a museum and also offers holiday-let rooms and apartments. The view over the town from the rooms must be amazing!

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On my way towards the border between Harris and Lewis, I made a stop at Crust – great Neapolitan-style pizza in the middle of Lewis. Enjoy some pizza with an amazing view!

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