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Clashnessie Falls 25

I parked next to the beach in Clashnessie and walk the short walk to the falls, it´s been pretty dry, so the falls weren´t that impressive, but at least it was raining a bit, so there was water.

Clashnessie Falls 26

Birds nesting in a post box, seems to be a cosy home, I saw that more than once happening.

Clashnessie Falls 27

First view of the waterfall, as said, it was a really nice little walk through the heather to get tthere.

Clashnessie Falls 28Clashnessie Falls 29Clashnessie Falls 30Clashnessie Falls 31Clashnessie Falls 32

There was a cottage right next to the little river going to the walk and this one was ready for me and a bit of play catch.

Clashnessie Falls 33Clashnessie Falls 34

The rain had stopped again and I spent some more time at the beach.

Clashnessie Falls 35Clashnessie Falls 36

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