Photos and the City

Slow travel & photography

I spent most of my time in London walking around, visiting old favourite places and discovering new ones – sometimes with my camera sometimes just using my phone. Be prepared for a little ride around town…

london, uk, travel, v 6 a museum

london, uk, travel, sketch

Leadenhall Market – another one of my “Harry Potter” stops!

london, uk, travel, leadenhall market london, uk, travel, leadenhall market

St. Dunstan in the East  – built around 1100, the church was seriously damaged by the Great Fire in 1666 and was “patched up” again. After being damaged during the Blitz in 1941 it was decided to not rebuild it and turned into a public garden in 1967.

st dustan in the east garden, church, london, uk,

Magical light on my way to the Thames.

london, uk, thames walk, strandtower bridge, london, uk, thames

Crossing London Bridge to Borough Market

burough market, lonodn, uk

london, uk, travellondon, uk, travellondon, uk, travellondon, uk, travel


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