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Slow travel & photography

Happy new year! 2021, we have been waiting for you! And we´ll know the next months still will be hard, but there are vaccines and there is a light at the end of lockdown number 7987685585…..

walk along the stadtwanderweg 7 in vienna

Little hike around Laaer Berg on January 1st

I started 2021 like I finished 2020 with lots of walks and trying to make the best of having more free time than usual and exploring Vienna and also the surroundings.

walk around laxenburg

Last walk of 2020, a little trip to Laxenburg.

walking along the donaukanal in vienna, witha view of the first district

Walking along the Donaukanal in Vienna, with a lovely view of the first district under a sunset.

What will 2021 bring Hopefully getting vaccinated soon, taking my postponed trip to Scotland this summer, having lots of walks and hikes, exploring Vienna & Austria and getting to photographing many, many lovely people!


Happy new year, let´s have a great one!


PS: Pictures taken with my phone.

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