Photos and the City

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Today is the meteorologic start of spring and today three years ago – around this time of the day- I got my business registered and founded in Vienna. Times flown by – where have these three years gone it almost feels like yesterday! To celebrate with all of you I´m offering a special anniversary deal througout […]

When I was in Berlin this spring I really wanted to visit the Olympus Playground, but too many others had the same idea, the queue went around the whole building. But lucky me the Olympus Playground came to Vienna! At the entrance one can choose to borrow a camera, I took an Olympus Pen as […]

175 years ago something happened, something I´m very grateful for or I wouldn´t have my job: on Aug 19 1839 photography in all its technical details was officially announced in Paris and Daguerres photographic process given to the public as a gift from France. It was Niépce who took the very first photograph in 1822, […]