Photos and the City

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On my very first stroll through Trastevere I instantly was drawn to an abandoned cinema, at least it seemed to be a lost place. And it kind of became a familiar landmark when I went to get some fresh bread and breakfast each morning. Back home I found some information about Cinema America on Vice and on […]

Located in the 7th district you find one of Viennas oldest cinemas: the Admiral Kino, opened in 1913. It´s one of these cineastic gems that survived times despite all the odds and thanks to amazing personal efforts of some. On August 2nd 1929 even the author  Arthur Schnitzler saw „A Knight in London“ at the Admiral Kino. […]

Join me for one last stroll through the movie studios in Rome. After our guided tour through the different sets we finished our visit with the exhibitions. The permanent exhibition shows the costumes, some smaller sets and „narrates the story of Cinecittà from 1937 to 1989, highlighting the Studios’ most important productions“. One shouldn´t miss […]